Video playlist


  • Why does this website work best on a laptop or desktop PC?
    On laptops and desktop PCs, the videos will be played automatically in succession. The website works perfectly fine on smartphones and tablets, let that be clear, but unfortunately videos do not start automatically on touch devices. This default setting is - as far as we know - not configurable in any browser on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Which browser is best for executing and displaying this website correctly?
    All major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) can handle the functionalities of this website. For Internet Explorer, however, you must have version 12 or higher installed for correct display.

  • The playlist does not continue to play the next video by using multiple tabs in the window of my browser. What can I do?
    Browsers such as Chrome do not automatically play videos in background tabs. Do you still want videos to play automatically in this case? Then open a new window, start the playlist and continue browsing in the other window.

  • I use Safari as web browser on my desktop PC/ laptop and the videos do not play automatically. What can I do?
    By default, videos with sound will not automatically start playing in Safari. Fortunately, you can adjust this setting within Safari:

    1. Preferences;
    2. Websites;
    3. Auto-Play;
    4. Switch from Stop Media with Sound to Allow All Auto-Play.
  • What is the purpose of the website ReggaetonTube?
    We want people - including ourselves - to enjoy reggaeton at best by watching videos without advertising breaks. The playlist contains mainly new videos, the videos are in most situations not (much) older than 1 year since the publication date.